Car Resprays in Leeds

... using our low bake oven.

Low bake ovens are specially designed to create a stable and dust free environment for car spraying. They are highly filtered to protect the atmosphere from harmful paint gasses and also provide the painter with dust free conditions to paint the cars in. 

Apart from filtration they are also designed to maintain a constant air temperature of around 22c and of course bake the new paintwork so that it's tough and durable, this is done at around 65c metal temperature. 

So, in many ways the low bake oven is an absolute must for the car paintwork repair and car respraying. Anyprofessional bodyshop should have one not only for their qualities to produce great vehicle paintwork 

but nowadays they are a Government requirement.

Advantages of our service


We are one of the very few spray shops in the area that specialises in commercial truck resprays.


We use the latest equipment from paint matching and spray guns when we are working on your vehicle.

Pro team

We don't let anybody touch your vehicle unless they have the relevant experience or qualifications.


We work on a set hourly rate, so you can be assured of a great quotation when we undertake work for you.

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